Refurbished Sun Microsystems Fujitsu M10-1 Server

New and Used Oracle Fujitsu M10-1 Server Refurbished Sun Microsystems Fujitsu M10-1 Server fujitsum101 3 1922270





Performance and Mission-Critical Availability in a Compact Form Factor

The Fujitsu M10-1 server is a space saving, entry-level server with high performance, high reliability, and no-cost virtualization ideal for data center integration and virtualization

  • Scales up to 16 cores and 512 GB of DDR3 memory
  • New 2.8 GHz SPARC64 X processor, with supercomputer technology, provides superior performance on enterprise workloads such as OLTP, ERP, BIDW, SCM, CRM, and more
  • Software-on-Chip instructions on the SPARC64 X processor accelerates important software functions
  • CPU activation economically and rapidly meets capacity requirements
  • Flexible resource configuration using Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones virtualization technologies

Oracle Fujitsu M10-1 Server Hardware Specifications

Number One 16-Core (one socket) or One 8-Core (one socket)
Architecture Type: SPARC64 16-Core Processor or SPARC64 X+ 8-Core Processor
CPUs original M10-1 SPARC 2.8GHz 16-Core (22MB L2 – 22way)
CPUs M10-1+ SPARC 3.2GHz 16-Core (22MB L2 – 22way)
CPUs M10-1+ SPARC 3.7GHz 8-Core (24MB L2)
Note: There is no upgrade path from the original M10-1 to the M10-1+ or M10-1+ (3.7GHz 8-Core)
Main Memory
Capacities Total DIMM slots: 16
DIMM type: DDR3 1066MHz or 1333MHz Registered DIMMs
DIMM size: 32GB 1333MHz or 8GB, 16GB 1066MHz
Maximum capacity: 512GB (when configured with 32GB DIMMs)
Standard Integrated Interfaces
Network Four 1GbE Ethernet Ports
Service Processor One dedicated TIA/EIA-232-F asynchronous RJ45 port
One USB Maintenance port
Two 1GbE Ethernet Ports
SAS One 6Gbps channel SAS interface
USB Front: One USB 2.0 ports
Rear: One USB 2.0 ports
PCI Expansion Slots Three low profile PCI Express 3.0 slots (3 x8 electrical/mechanical)
Internal Mass Storage
Disks Up to eight front accessible disk bays with 2.5″ SAS disks or eight solid-state drives (SSDs)
Drive Type Density Speed Form Factor
SAS 900 GB 10,000 RPM 2.5″
SAS 600 GB 10,000 RPM 2.5″
SAS Solid State Drive 100 GB NA 2.5″
SAS Solid State Drive 200 GB NA 2.5″
Power Supplies
Dual redundant, hot swappable power supplies
Maximum AC input = Max 763W (at 100-120VAC), Max 740W (at 200-240VAC)
AC power 100-120 / 200-240 VAC (1-phase)
Temperature Single, non-rack system:
Operating: 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F)
Nonoperating: -25° C to 60° C (-13° F to 140° F)(unpacked)
Humidity Single, non-rack system:
Operating: 20% to 80% relative humidity noncondensing
Nonoperating: 20% to 80% relative humidity noncondensing (unpacked)
Altitude Single, non-rack system:
Operating: up to 3000 m (9,843 ft.), maximum ambient temperature is derated by 1° C per 300 m above 900 m
Nonoperating: up to 12,000 m (40,000 ft.)
Dimensions and Weight
Height 42.5 mm (1.67 in.)
Width 431 mm (16.97 in.)
Depth 721 mm (28.39 in.)
Weight 18 kg (39.68 lb.) maximum assuming PCI-Express card weighs 0.12 kg
(0.25 lb) each, and without the rack mounting slide rail kit installed.


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