IBM 2422-931 System Storage DS8100

IBM 2422-931 System Storage DS8100 IBM 2422-931 System Storage DS8100 IBM DS8000 totalstorage copy1





The Turbo Model 931 allows up to 128 GB of processor memory and a maximum of 16 ESCON or fibre channel adapters. The 2422-931 supports up to 384 disk drivers with an optional expansion unit (2422-92E) for a total capacity of 192TB.

  • Model: DS8100
  • Processor: IBM POWER5+, dual 2-way
  • Host Interface: 4-port 4 Gbps or 2 Gbps Fibre Channel/FICON, 2-port ESCON
  • Maximum physical storage capacity: 192 TB

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