Greentec Systems offers all categories of used, pre-owned, and refurbished Oracle / Sun Microsystems equipment. We can assist in making your Sun Enterprise servers to operate efficiently and benefit with the most up-to-date systems. Greentec Systems offers you a lower cost solution for buying Sun Solaris products worldwide. When you acquire your Sun Microsystems equipment from Greentec,  you not only receive the assurance of quality, fully-tested merchandise, but you also get the cost savings benefits that come from the used and refurbished market.  Greentec Systems’ pre-owned Sun Microsystems servers provide a flexible suite of support services designed to meet your business IT needs and assist you in effectively managing everything from one refurbished Sun machine to an entire pre-owned Sun storage and server farm, all while maintaining operating costs. Greentec Systems has used and pre-owned hardware that delivers premium performance for all Sun Microsystems products including Sun Fire Servers, StorEdge and StorageTek, CoolThreads, Entry Level Servers, MidRange Servers and Sparc64 VI servers, X86/X64 servers, X part # options and much more.

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